Spa Edition*

OUR FEATURED MODEL, includes a Spa floor


With minimal installation, retrofit your shower enclosure with our latest Steam Spa system. Enjoy the luxury of our Acacia spa floor which functions together with the main spa system, and is custom cut to your shower dimensions.  Included with your purchase.  

Storm Surge

Complete shower features including our hot steamy feature



Everything you need to transform your shower into an extravagant world of steamy heat, Bluetooth Audio and luxurious shower features, includes your showers’ main mixing valve, shower head & arm, plus a handheld shower. Fits flush with wall.

Solar Flare

Our hot steamy Feature, Bluetooth Audio, Aromatherapy


Designed to fit flush anywhere in your shower enclosure. This model includes our steamy heat feature, Bluetooth audio and Aromatherapy. An excellent option for enhancing your existing shower with steamy heat. Fits flush with wall.