About Serene Steam

Unlike anything you've seen before

Unlike competitors who require generators and electrical supply to create a hot steamy environment, Serene Steam only requires the two primary connections which already exist in every bathroom - A water supply, and a drain, that's it. There are also no extra expenses required (other than basic plumbing parts) after you have purchased a Serene Steam Spa system so that you can enjoy all the benefits of the model that you have chosen. Everything is ready out of the box and only requires basic off the shelf plumbing fittings to install. 

All models are inclusive of our steam feature, a Bluetooth Audio system for music and phone calls, and a dedicated Aromatherapy feature. When constructing a shower enclosure to use with any steam product, or alike, the type of wall materials which you use may also have an impact on the shower enclosure temperature and time required to reach optimal comfort, please check with your local contractor. Remember, regardless of which steam system you use, all shower enclosures must be steam ready, and your local contractor or plumber should know how to seal your shower enclosure correctly to avoid the hot water vapors from exiting your shower enclosure while in use. 

Several models to choose from

Some models also include a complete shower system incorporating a mixing valve for shower use, a shower head and handheld shower. When it comes to appearance, Serene Steam is not just a bulky piece of equipment designed to hide behind a wall or in a basement like other known products, Serene Steam has been designed with a beautiful stainless steel appearance which fits flush with your shower wall. One of the many benefits of a Serene Steam Spa is that any shower enclosure can become a hot steamy environment. Unlike competitors, you do not need to choose a specific model based on the size of your shower enclosure (within reason). Due to the design and functionality of Serene Steam, any shower from the smallest size to approximately 180 cubic feet should be an ideal environment, and one unit works with all sizes.

Why consider Serene Steam?

It is an impressive alternative compared with having to install electrical generators,  and a Serene Steam Spa system can bring a hot steamy Spa experience into your existing shower enclosure without the need for any electricity. Requires basic installation.

What is Serene Steam?

Wellness for body & mind


The primary advantage of a Serene Steam spa unit is that is does not require any generator, nor electricity at all, and operates with a fraction of the water required to run your regular shower. The results of a Serene Steam Spa are impressive, with environment temperatures reaching approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit at 100% humidity. Results may vary based on conditions. Enjoy a new home steam  spa in your existing shower enclosure.

The product


Serene Steam is primarily a steam spa system, designed to produce a steamy and hot environment into your shower enclosure. Once installed, your shower will be transformed into a world of luxury. Serene Steam uses a combination of Patented technology to create an impressive spa with added features for Essential oils, Bluetooth audio, and more.

Simple installation


Serene Steam can easily be installed by a qualified plumber or contractor. Compared with most known steam systems, Serene Steam requires minimal installation and can be retrofitted (the Spa Edition) as well as installed with new construction or remodeling. Installation requires basic, "off the shelf" plumbing fittings and is ready to install out the box.