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Consult a doctor. If you plan on using a steam room as a part of your healthcare regimen, consult with your doctor first. A steam room might cause complications if you are pregnant, if you have a history of heart disease, or high blood pressure. Small children should not use a steam room.

Drink water. When you are in a steam room, your body temperature will increase and you will perspire. It is important to drink plenty of fluids both before and after your time in the steam room. Dehydration can be a very serious problem and should be avoided. Also, make sure that you wait at least an hour after eating a big meal before you enter a steam room. Do not go into a steam room if you are already have a fever.

Manage time. You don't need to stay in the steam room a long time to reap the benefits. About Twelve minutes is the perfect time. Pay attention to the signals your body sends. If you're uncomfortable and desperate for cool air, leave the steam room before the Twelve minutes are up. You may need to slowly build up your tolerance. Twelve minutes is only a recommended time frame but may vary, and less time may be more suited for some people.

Don't go in if you are sick. Steam rooms should never be used by people who have a fever of any type, or open wounds. Both of these conditions can get much worse in a steam shower.

Know your limits. When you first start using a steam room limit your time in the room. Start with a session of around 8 to 10 minutes, leave the steam room when you begin to feel uncomfortable. You can always build up to a longer steam room session, but begin by a short relaxing steam shower.

Every effort has been made on this web site to provide the most accurate information, and any general steam shower content may be general information that is known or already public. Please understand that steam showers, or steam rooms deliver excessive heat and you are certain that you may indeed use a steam shower. Serene Steam, it’s affiliates, partners, or any one else associated with  this web site or the Serene Steam company are not responsible for any injuries, both physical or mental due to results caused by using our steam system. Even though steam has been known to deliver great benefits throughout the ages, you are required to consult with your physician prior to any use to be sure that you can expose yourself to a steam shower or steam room. Never use a steam room if you are pregnant before consulting your physician. Never allow children to use a steam room.

The content on this site is not a substitute for a qualified physician, pharmacist, or other healthcare professionals. All content regarding benefits of steam on this site is opinion, based on public publication. All content and information on this web site is subject to change without notice. 2018.  Multiple Patents.