Hydrate your body & mind with a one of a kind spa system in your home shower 

No generator or electricity required!

Hot spa environment breathing essential oils

What is Serene Steam?


Wellness for your body & mind

The primary advantage of a Serene Steam spa system is that is does not require any generator, nor electricity at all, and operates with a fraction of the water required to run your regular shower. The results of a Serene Steam Spa are impressive, with environment temperatures capable of reaching approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit resulting in a personal hot and humid spa environment in your home shower enclosure in conjunction with breathing a hot steamy vapor infused with Essential Oils . Results may vary based on conditions.


The Product

Serene Steam is primarily a steam, or hot vapor spa system, designed to produce a steamy and hot environment into your shower enclosure. Once installed, your shower will be transformed into a world of luxury. Serene Steam uses a combination of Patented technology to create an impressive spa with added features for Essential oils, Bluetooth audio, and more. 


Simple installation

Serene Steam can easily be installed by a qualified plumber or contractor.  Serene Steam requires minimal installation and can be installed during a shower remodel as well as with new construction. In some instances, it can also be retrofitted. Installation requires basic, "Off the Shelf" plumbing fittings and is ready to install out the box. 

Essential Oils & the extraordinary benefits when used with Serene Steam

Our Mission Statement

Build the best product, create the most joy, use business to inspire and implement solutions to enhance body and mind.