A steam, Bluetooth, and Aromatherapy system, fits flush anywhere in your shower enclosure. This model does not include general shower features and is a great option for enhancing your existing shower with steam. Designed to be less visible in your shower enclosure.

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This entire section is not visible at the end of installation.

It is the main system which is installed behind your tiled shower wall. Only the upper control panel, the aromatherapy and steam head will be visible after installation is complete.

1.   16 gauge stainless steel control panel  

2.   Steam control valve

3.   Bluetooth audio system

4.   Water inlet connection

5.  Main rough-in body

6.   Aromatherapy feature

7.  Steam flow  (primary feature)

8.  Rough-in drain connection

Handheld shower

32 “ 6 “ 3 ½ “ Depth 8 ½ “ PRODUCT FEATURES Hidden
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A complete line of linear & square drains.

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