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THE FUNDAMENTALS Your hot water heater setting Your shower water pressure Your shower enclosure

Set your water heater to at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.

Your water pressure should be the standard household pressure between 50 and 80 PSI.

If your water pressure is below 30 PSI there is an issue as this would be considered too low and should be addressed in any regard.

Any steam shower enclosure is required to be steam ready, which means your shower enclosure should be sealed and adapted correctly for steam use. Any qualified plumber or contractor should know the basic steps ensuring a steam ready enclosure.

Not mandatory. However, it is recommended to use a water softener in your home to generally prolong, and protect your water fittings and appliances. Soft water is also known to have general benefits for your skin, hair etc.

Main Stainless steel steam panel, Bluetooth audio system, Aromatherapy feature, custom cut Teak floor, a supply of Aromatherapy, a supply of Stainless steel polish, and a non abrasive polish cloth. Ready to install and use out of the box.