Does it really work without electricity?

Yes, Serene Steam has developed a unique, Patented system which does not require any generator, nor electricity whatsoever. The system is powered by your existing hot water heater and a basic water line is accessed from the water line which already exists in your shower wall.

Is it easy to install?

It should be really easy to install the Spa Edition for any qualified plumber or contractor. Detailed installation instructions are available for download.

How is it installed into an existing shower enclosure (retrofitting)?

Serene Steam Spa Edition only requires a hot water line, but it must be placed in the correct position to connect to the system correctly, so therefore, a decision can be made between you and your plumber or contractor to establish the best way to add a hot water line in the correct position so that the steam system has the correct access to it. One example would be removing the appropriate tile on the shower wall to gain access for the additional water line, or re-tile your shower wall is another option. Please note that every shower enclosure may have a different structure based on your circumstances, and so it is really your decision how to best access a new water line. Of course in a remodel, or new construction, adding the extra water line should be very simple.

What are the physical dimensions?

The Spa Edition Teak floor is cut to the dimensions of your exact shower floor size upon ordering. The main Serene Steam system measures 33 inches tall by 5 inches wide with a depth of 2 ¾ inches.

What materials are the system constructed with?

Every Serene Steam system is constructed with 16 gauge, marine grade stainless steel. The Teak floor is an outdoor grade suitable for all conditions heat, and water.

How is the Teak floor attached?

The Teak floor sits on top of your existing (completed) tiled shower floor, and is delivered to you with a wall to wall measurement. There are no extra hardware requirements to install the floor. It will simply rest on top of your existing floor and will also adjust itself to the contour of your shower floor.

Why do I need the Teak floor?

Serene Steam Spa Edition functions with the main steam system and Teak floor as one unit hand in hand, and can only be used together. The reason is because there is a slight water run-off created by the system when the steam is being used. This run-off is not under pressure and is designed to run underneath your teak floor and directly down your existing shower floor drain so that it is not visible, nor able to come in contact with your body as it will be hot. Therefore, when the steam is in use, there should be no visible signs of running water in your shower enclosure, only steam. Once the system is installed, this will occur automatically.

Can I order a different material floor such as a plastic composite?

Teak is a very luxurious, and elegant material used in a wide variety of upscale applications. However, we do offer a plastic type composite which will serve the same function as the Teak floor, only it will be a different material. Please contact us for any custom flooring ideas.

Is the entire steam system and floor included in the purchase price?

Yes, the main steam system and floor is all included with the purchase price.

Can I clean under the Teak floor?

Yes, it is easy to lift the floor and clean when desired. The Teak floor is actually delivered in 12 inch tiles which snap into one another, so they may be easily removed and re-placed back into position.

How much extra height will the Teak floor add to my shower floor?

Approximately ¾ of an inch.

Can I remove the entire system if so desired?

Yes, it is relatively simple to remove the entire system and restore your shower enclosure back to its original condition. Once removed, the additional water line which was created will still be visible and it would be up to your plumber or contractor to remove it, and block the water flow correctly, as well as conceal any hole which may be visible on your shower wall by doing so.

What is that small shelf above the main system?

This is a small shelf made from the same Teak material as your floor which is designed to hold an amount of Essential oils and Aromatherapy so that you can enjoy the benefits of steam and Aromatherapy with having a comfortable place to store them, with easy access while in use.

Can I use any Essential oils with the system?

What size shower will work with Serene Steam?

Serene Steam does not require that you have a specific size shower, Serene Steam has been tested to function in all standard shower enclosures ranging from the very smallest to a 3 by 4 foot shower enclosure (which is considered large). In our video demonstrated on this web site we have used a shower enclosure which is 180 cubic feet. Based on the technology we use, any other size smaller than, and including our demonstration is considered perfect for use, and should steam up the entire environment with ease. If you have an irregular, or non-typical shower enclosure that exceeds 180 cubic feet, please contact us and we can discuss building you a custom unit.

How steam-tight does the shower enclosure need to be?

As with any steam room or shower, it is necessary for your enclosure to be steam ready. The shower enclosure must be enclosed with a fully gasketed door to contain the steam and heat. Most shower door manufacturers offer fully gasketed doors for steam shower use. The steam enclosure must be watertight from wall to ceiling. Avoid the use of untreated and exposed materials which are susceptible to decay or corrosion. Materials such as marble, glass block, fiberglass, acrylic and other heat-resistant, non-porous materials for steam showers are most common. Most contractors will be able to assist you in making your enclosure steam ready.

Can I use the steam and my shower head feature at the same time?

No. Serene Steam is designed to use either the steam feature, or your regular shower feature independently. The typical use of a steam shower is approximately 12 minutes of steam and Aromatherapy use, followed by a shower rinse off. Once you have completed your steam use, simply switch it off and then switch on your regular shower. ALWAYS open your cold water first when using your regular shower.

What kind of ceiling should I provide?

The normal ceiling height is approximately 7 feet. It is recommended that the ceiling height not exceed 8 feet. You also may consider your ceiling to be sloped preventing condensation from dripping on the occupants while the system is in use. Even though the Serene Steam system does not require major construction as with all other known systems, it may be helpful to get “Steam room construction information” which is available from the Tile Council of America, Inc. at (864) 646-8453 or

What about seating inside my steam shower?

It is a further luxury to enjoy a steam shower while seated, either already built into your shower, or alternatively, you can purchase a shower seat from a suitable retailer

Are there any parts of the equipment that become hot during operation?

The Serene Steam system itself does not become hot at all during operation, perhaps warm to the touch in some areas. The steam vent itself produces a hot air flow so like any other heat producing product on the market if you touch directly on, or inside the vent it will feel hot, of course this is highly forbidden as one wouldn't put their hand in a heated pot while cooking. (A similar analogy).

What is the water consumption?

Water restrictions vary in certain parts of the United States. The current known recommendation is that all new shower heads should allow only 2.5 gallons per minute water flow. This is considered a low flow shower head. The Serene Steam system uses approximately 1.3 gallons per minute when in full use. This means that the Serene Steam system uses almost half of a low flow shower head that you would use when taking a regular shower. This is the water flow that has been calculated for using the steam feature.

What is the recommended time period that I should stay in a steam room?

Usually 10-12 minutes is recommended. This should be the adequate time to enjoy the heat and steam. Typically after this time period you should feel very relaxed and refreshed. Steam showers produce a high heat environment and it is recommended that you always consult your physician before using any steam, or sauna product on the market to be sure you do not have any issues that may prevent you from a high heat environment.

Are there any plumbing tips you can give me?

All plumbing should be performed by a qualified plumber or contractor, and in accordance with applicable National and local building and plumbing codes. With that said, there are no tips than can be given as your plumber or contractor should know exactly how to install Serene Steam without any confusion.

How hot will my steam environment be?

Where is Serene Steam made?

Manufactured entirely in the United States.

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