Some models also include a complete shower system incorporating a mixing valve for shower use, a shower head and handheld shower.When it comes to appearance, Serene Steam is not just a bulky piece of equipment designed to hide behind a wall or in a basement like other known products, Serene Steam has been designed with a beautiful stainless steel appearance which fits flush with your shower wall One of the many benefits of Serene Steam is that any shower enclosure can become a steam environment. Unlike competitors, you do not need to choose a specific model based on the size of your shower enclosure (within reason). Due to the design and functionality of Serene Steam, any shower from the smallest size to approximately 250 cubic feet should be an ideal environment, and one unit works with all sizes.

Unlike competitors who require generators and electrical supply to create a steam environment, Serene Steam only requires the two primary connections which already exist in every bathroom - A water supply, and a drain, that's it. There are also no extra expenses required after you have purchased a Serene Steam system to enjoy all the benefits of the model that you have chosen. Everything is ready out of the box and only requires basic off the shelf plumbing fittings to install. All models are inclusive of Steam, a Bluetooth Audio system for music and phone calls, and a dedicated Aromatherapy feature. When constructing a shower enclosure to use with steam, the type of wall materials which you use may also have an impact on steam room temperature and time required to reach optimal comfort, please check with your local contractor. Remember, regardless of which steam system you use, all shower enclosures must be steam ready, and your local contractor or plumber should know how to seal your shower enclosure correctly for steam.

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