Serene Steam is a steam, and complete shower system designed to produce steam and heat into your shower enclosure creating a steam shower (also known as a wet sauna). As well as enjoying a unique steam shower which is primary to our system, we have incorporated a complete shower system which adds all our other luxurious features such as a rainfall shower head, body sprays, and a Bluetooth audio system for a one of a kind shower experience.

Everything you need for today’s luxurious shower is combined into One beautifully designed system. Please see the features page to experience all the functions and uses of Serene Steam. Once installed, your shower will be transformed into a world of luxury. Serene Steam uses a combination of Patent Pending technology to create a real steam shower.

Serene Steam can easily be installed by a qualified plumber or contractor. Compared with most known steam systems, Serene Steam requires minimal installation.  

Constructed entirely from high grade stainless steel, the system incorporates a modern, and beautiful design that will enhance your showers’ appearance.

The results of Serene Steam are excellent, with environment temperatures reaching approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit at 100% humidity. Results may vary based on conditions.

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A complete line of linear & square drains.

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