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Your existing water heater provides the initial energy. Serene steam uses a sequence of Patent Pending techniques that in theory separates the steam from your hot water heater. It begins with your hot water heater, which supplies the Serene Steam system the energy and water flow required to complete the process that results in the steam flow, and heat into your shower enclosure.

Within the steam module of the Serene Steam system, there is a second process of increasing the water pressure as well as other factors designed to allow steam to enter your shower enclosure. Due to multiple events and further techniques “which is isolated in the steam module (housing)”, the flow of steam and hot air is raised to the level of  a “Fan type of effect” which blows hot air and steam together.

This final result that you will feel in your shower enclosure has a similar feeling to that of having your hand in front of a fan which blows air. Serene Steam system when in use, feels

How does it work? A simple water line from your shower is all it requires… That's it.
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like a fan blowing hot air and steam. The amount of water used for the steam feature is actually reduced greatly compared to the water use during your regular shower, based on multiple tests, it shows that almost half the amount of water is required for using the steam feature when compared with a regular shower flow, this test was based on a “Low Flow” shower head producing approximately 2.6 gallons per minute. The Serene Steam steam feature produces approximately 1.3 gallons per minute. Although this is not a scientific analysis of the water flow, the bottom line is that the water flow using the steam feature is indeed almost half that of your regular shower head flow.