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Steam Aromatherapy Bluetooth audio Spa floor Features of the Spa Edition

Relaxing steam which may open the respiratory system to gently penetrate deep into sore muscles and bones to relieve strain and stress.

With our dedicated Aromatherapy feature, simply drop our essential oil blend into the system and allow the fragrances to ignite your senses enhanced with the steam.

Enjoy quality audio with relaxing music while using the steam system, it can also receive phone calls and has a built in Lithium battery so it can be easily charged when required. It is a removable speaker which docks inside its dedicated station magnetically.

Enjoy the luxury of our waterproof, wood treated spa floor  which functions together with the main steam system. The spa floor provides a real spa experience with it’s beautiful appearance and feel. It is custom cut to your shower enclosure’s dimensions at the point of purchase.

With a unique combination of infused essential oils and steam PAMPER YOURSELF